The Columbian Brand is a product of Quality Park, Minneapolis, MN. (, a Cenveo Company (Stamford, CT -

With over 100 years of experience in the envelope manufacturing field, Cenveo has maintained a leading position in the envelope manufacturing industry. A flagship in the industry, Cenveo is one of the largest producers of envelopes in the world. We produce more than 50 billion envelopes annually, and sell a full range of products from white business size envelopes to multi-color, multi-feature envelopes in an assortment of sizes and materials.

By becoming the industry leader, we've learned to focus on what matters most to our customers; high quality products, meeting stock demands, prompt shipments, competitive pricing, and responsive service. This expertise also extends to our printing capabilities. Experience combined with the newest technologies allows us to offer a variety of printing options from Ultra-Flex in-line flexography to Ultra-Litho web offset lithography.

Through a network of 17 locations including plants, print centers, sales offices and distribution facilities across the US, we manufacture, print and distribute envelopes for commercial, specialty and retail applications. Our customers include direct marketers and major, large volume users such as financial institutions, utilities, insurance companies and government agencies.

Our envelopes are available in a wide variety of material such as white wove and Kraft paper, coated paper, bonds and text papers. We also produce and market other specialty packaging products and paper drinking cups.

Our goal is to produce products that are unique and not readily available from other sources. This strategy sets us apart from other manufacturers and provides out customers with the benefits and advantages of product differentiation. We strive to offer these products to markets in ways that make Quality Park the preferred supplier.